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This option includes a fitness mapping plan, meal plan, instructional video workout, unlimited email support and weekly monitoring for your success.

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This is a six month body composition make-over which includes working on-line with Eric Sean and following his individual meal plan and workout plan.

You will not only lose weight over a 6 month period but, more importantly, you will build muscle and lose a tremendous amount of body fat. Eric firmly believes that over a period of six months, with the help of his coaching and guidance, you will not only form healthy habits but you will be in a position to create a sustainable lifestyle change.This program includes a fitness mapping plan, a bi-monthly meal plan, weekly instructional video workouts, unlimited email support, weekly food charting monitoring for accountability and a daily motivational email/text. You will also have free unlimited access to the ‘members only’ section.

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If for any reason you decide during or immediately after our first session that my coaching is not for you, don’t worry, I will gladly issue you a full refund for the complete package, including the used session.

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Whether you have a burning question between sessions or just want to update me on your progress, you will have priority email access as long as we are working together. I am here to help and my coaching clients are a top priority.

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Regardless of your location or time zone,the coaching call is usually on me, but there are a few exceptions. Outside of the U.S and Canada, there could be some additional cost if you don’t have Skype, or you have the option of calling me.

For prospective coaching clients I am more than happy to schedule a free consultation call.

Please note – this is not a free coaching session. The purpose of this call is so that we can get acquainted and explore your challenge or goal. This is also a great way to make sure that you get the coaching package that is right for you and to confirm that we are comfortable working together before you spend any money.

Use this contact form to request your free consultation call or to discuss any coaching related questions.

Request a free consultation

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