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Why online personal training with me?

Imagine stepping out of the shower and loving the reflection in your full-length mirror staring back at you! That’s what my clients experience.

I work with clients with a wide range of fitness goals, from lifting and toning their muscles to losing unhealthy weight to putting on healthy weight.Through a customized fitness plan and series of online and in-person sessions, I’ll help you meet your goals and exceed your expectations of what your mind and body can do.

In my 26 years in the fitness industry I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people accomplish their fitness goals.  The great news is, regardless of demographics, I can help you awaken your inner lioness.

Together we can maximize your results with a custom workout plan designed just for you.  I will show you exactly what to do to reach all of your fitness goals in record time.

WORK OUT AT HOME OR IN THE GYM. I will design an effective workout for you based on whatever equipment you have access to.

FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE. No matter how much time you have available to work out, I will create a plan that fits your schedule.

NEVER GET BORED. I will make regular changes to your workout plan so you’re never stuck doing the same boring routine over and over again.

My mission is to create a safe and comfortable one-on-one relationship where we work together to accomplish a real personal break through.

You will get the personalized assistance needed to help you maximize your potential, overcome your obstacles, and accomplish your goals. my goal is to get you moving forward on your own terms and to create genuine positive changes in your life as fast as possible. you will gain a whole new understanding of what your body is capable of achieving.

Fitness mapping

A comprehensive coaching program

Fitness mapping is an easy comprehensive three-step coaching program dedicated to ensuring your success.

  1. Assessment Phase: During this phase, we’ll determine your physical, emotional and mental strengths and leverage those to build a customized plan for you.
  2. Plan of Action Phase: During this phase, I’ll monitor you and determine effective ways to keep you motivated and committed to your goals.
  3. Execution Phase: This is where the work is done.  We will turn your plan into action.

This is a fluid cycle, with each phase taking place on an ongoing basis.

My fitness mapping program eliminates the guesswork, which leaves more time for working the plan and living your life.

it’s your life, get to livin!