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Are you tired of not chasing your dreams? Only to be eluded again?

  • You spend days watching life go by without you truly living it.
  • You wish to do something – bigger, braver, better – than what you’ve done so far.
  • You simply know you deserve more out of life.


And yet, fear and doubt keep winning

Millions of women wake up every morning and absolutely hate the life they have.Are you maybe one of them?
Here’s how to tell:

  • You think your comfort zone is keeping you safe.
  • You get discouraged by your own thoughts & emotions – your own negative self-talk is your biggest enemy!
  • You get discouraged by your own thoughts & emotions – your own negative self-talk is your biggest enemy!

You keep telling yourself every single day –that’s just how life is.
Everyone else is living like that – right?
But hear this:

Life isn’t supposed to be like that

Don’t let anyone fool you – there just isn’t enough time for all of that.It’d be too bad to wake up one morning and regret not living the right way.

But seeking and finding the motivation to change is never an easy job

Stop wasting your time, money and energy.Let me help you unleash the power within and help you meet your greatest self.
Trust me, it all lies hidden within you

For the past 10 years, I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people, motivating them and guiding them to take the leap of faith towards change

Having experienced hardships in my own life, I know what it’s like to feel stuck and helpless. I use my own example to give you a source of long-lasting motivation, inspiration, and willpower.

In the quest for helping you live the best you can, let’s spread the message of positivity and love together – and inspire even more people to do the same.

If you – or your loved ones – are struggling to imagine the possibilities of your own life, let me change that for you.


Topic can always be discussed beforehand and made to fit your needs the most!

So far, I’ve mostly helped my audience:

  • Live life the right way – as everyone deserves it!
  • Rediscover the important things in life
  • Find purpose & unleash personal power
  • How to live, laugh, and be fit
  • How to be well & live well!
  • Goal setting workshops for business and personal development
  • Anti-bullying and drug prevention


“I’ve been seriously impressed with Eric’s energy and the way he opens up his heart to his audience!”

“He’s one of the most energetic and enthusiastic individuals I’ve ever met!”

“I’ve laughed, and I cried, and then I laughed some more – thank you, Eric, for a time well spent!”

“Eric, all my life I’ve been praying to meet someone like you. You’ve been a true gift from God and there are not enough words to thank you for everything you did for me and my family. All the best!”

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.