Your body is only able to do what your mind allows.

That’s why I take a whole-body approach to my coaching,

focusing not only on the body but also on the mind.

Mindset Coaching

Your mindset determines everything about your health and happiness, so we will start here.

Personal Training

No matter what your goals are, I’ll help you meet them with a customized fitness plan and series of in-person sessions.


I’m available to deliver a powerful message of love, wellness and self-discovery at your next event.

Mental Agreements: How to start the process of healing?

Our mind can be the source of great accomplishments. However, it can also be the cause of our emotional pain and our inability to achieve our goals. Traumatic experiences in childhood and internalized negative beliefs from our past can affect...

Green Light to Forgiveness

All of us at one point in our lives have been hurt by the actions or words of another. Whether it was due to infidelity in a relationship, physical abuse or someone simply stepping on our foot while waiting in line at the grocery store, we all have contemplated if we should forgive those who have wronged us

Don’t Get Mad, Get Grateful

For those of you who don’t know, aside from having this wonderful blog full of ideas and advice, I also have a community outreach website for Soaring Higher, the spiritual and mental side of my project to promote health, wellness and personal success.

Daily Tune-Up : Meditation

What if I told you there was a way for you to reduce stress, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure and alleviate pain without having to go to the doctor, take medicine or undergo strenuous physical exertion? You don’t have to invest a fortune in this remedy and it is not required of you to leave the comforts of your home

Motivate Into Overdrive

Monday through Friday, usually right about as I am about to finally reach the coveted treasure chest/ win the million dollar hand in Vegas/ cure all disease known to man, the darn Rooster alarm blasts and I am startled out of sleep and into the unpleasant reality that I am going to have to roll out of bed,

FEAR: How can we scare it away?

As children, we’re all taught not to use “four letter” words. They were all bad. The word “fear” however, snuck into most conversations without any retribution. Yet, it is the four letter word we should have been warned about. In the world of four letter words

Life: Is there a purpose?

Just imagine for a second that this whole life means nothing. That we are just here taking up space. Imagine that we have no purpose, no rhyme, and no reason for being


Our job here is to allow God to use us as an instrument of love.
To allow him to maximize our ability to give and receive love, not just any love, but agape love, love without boundaries, no limits, strings or conditions.

it’s your life, get to livin!