Motivational Speaker

Eric delivers a powerful message of love, wellness and self discovery. He uses his personal story of overcoming traumatic situations from his life to motivate people.

What audiences have said about Eric Sean:

A true gift from God
Eric Sean has the ability to share his story in a very transparent way
He truly opens his heart up to his audience.

Eric has been speaking to audiences for the past five years. He uses his personal story of overcoming traumatic situations from his life in such motivating way.Born to a 16 year old incarcerated drug addict and prostitute, Eric spent the first 9 years of his life in foster homes where he was verbally, sexually, emotionally, and physically abused.

He was adopted at the age of nine by a single and white homosexual father. He suffered and overcame an identity crisis, a drug addiction, being homeless, and swearing off loving another person ever again.Eric was able to take these trials and tribulations and turn them into opportunities to empower and love others.

He speaks about topics such as:

Living as if you deserve to live
Rediscovering what really matters
Unleashing your personal power
You have a purpose,live,laugh & be fit
You deserve to be well

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