How many times have you struggled losing weight for months, only to gain it back in what feels like a blink of an eye?

Do you often let emotions dictate your meals and your appetite?

Are there times when your only stress coping mechanism in life is food?

If you end up every single meal feeling guilty and ashamed, then you may struggle with emotional eating – the number one reason why millions of adults can’t keep off the weight they’ve lost once and for all!

The unwanted weight gain and your fast-deteriorating health aren’t the only consequences in this case – feeling empty and discontent with yourself and your own life is!

That is why you might want to give Who’s Eating? You, or Your Emotions? a chance.
Explaining in detail one of the biggest struggles the modern person goes through, let me show you how this book just might as well change your life:

    • Learn the difference between emotional and psychical hunger – a
      revolutionary discovery that will help you get back on track with your meals!
    • Let me teach you how to break all the habits that may lead to emotional eating –
      restrictive dieting and reward eating included!
    • Offer you an easy-to- follow daily tracker that will help you find your
      emotional eating triggers
    • Mindful strategies to help you enjoy your meals more while learning to cope with
      the negative emotions you experience in life
    • Effective grounding techniques to use at times when you’re really, really
      struggling – because being weak at times doesn’t make you any less worth it!

True – life sometimes gets just too much to handle.

But emotions & feelings don’t control you – you control them.

Losing weight shouldn’t feel as a punishment.

Instead, let me teach you how to love and appreciate yourself enough so you take care
of your health – both psychical and mental – the right way.

Get back the control over your body and your emotions – get Who’s Eating? You, or Your Emotions? now and start feeling good about your body again.


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