Why Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Why Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness?

No matter who you are and what you do, everything you do in life you probably do with one final goal in mind – to be happy.

Even though it’s true that human beings are different and different people aspire and crave to accomplish different things, happiness stays as the ultimate goal of every single individual out there.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big name CEO or picking through garbage to pick up leftovers for your next meal – your body and mind work together to find ways to make you feel happy.

But that’s easier said than done, right? And it often makes you wonder, what is happiness, really?

In fact, how can we – how can I dare – to define and describe happiness, when just a few seconds earlier I said that different people crave different things?

Is it the feeling you get when you buy yourself something? Lose a few pounds?

Is it the feeling you get when you get a promotion? Or join a new book club?

Is it the feeling you get when you fall in love? Or the feeling when you go on a holiday?

All of those things make you happy, right?

Well, they do – only when it comes to short-term happiness, it’s true that things like that make you happy.

Those are not bad things to be happy about– and you should appreciate and be grateful for moments like that.

However, I call them quick fixes – because that’s what they are. They give you only the fleeting and temporarily feeling of happiness.

They’re only a quick way out of your everyday problems and feelings and true, enable you to feel happy, but only for a short while.

But here’s the thing:

Quick fixes aren’t your solution to sustainable happiness in life.

Think about it – it’s very easy to get addicted to the quick fixes in life. The more you buy, the less excited you get with each purchase. Sure, having a career is nice but if you feel like you’re failing in your other aspects of life, even promotions won’t be as exciting after a while.

And we can all agree that looking for your partner to fill out the voids you’re feeling in life is one sure recipe for disaster.

After working with people for so many years, I’ve found that long-lasting happiness, that true self-content, and self-confidence happen when three basic needs are met: when you feel loved, understood, and when you feel accomplished.

See, the quick fixes we were talking about, manage to make you feel one of the three – or if you’re lucky, two of the three – for a while but fail you greatly in the long run.

So why is that?

Is your boss the one to blame for not giving you a promotion each year? Or maybe your partner doesn’t make you feel the same way you’d like to feel? Hey, perhaps you’ve always wanted to shed a few pounds but the gym is just too far and you’re tired after work and this, and that…

You know, it’s very easy to point fingers at different people and blame them for not making you feel happy – after all, they’re the ones not loving you, not understanding you and not making you feel accomplished.


You’re very wrong.

Hear me on this: it takes courage to point your finger at yourself, because ultimately, you’re the one who’s sabotaging your own happiness, consciously or subconsciously, in so many different ways.

I know you don’t want to hear that – no one likes being told they’re to blame for not feeling happy! And it’s so easy to fall into the self-sabotaging trap – it can happen in many little and big ways and often, you may not even be aware you’re doing it.

Treating yourself to chocolate ice cream three days into your new diet change, snoozing your alarm over and over again in the morning, procrastinating and doing work tasks in the very last minute are only small – but pretty nagging – samples of self-sabotage.

Which are the bigger ones, you wonder?

Here are only a few examples.

The bad self-talk you give to yourself, convincing yourself that you won’t be able to accomplish your next goal.

The habit of pushing love away and being emotionally unavailable to every possible partner that comes in your life.

The way you don’t know – neither understand yourself – but you expect others to do that for you.

If you look beneath the surface on every one of those, you’ll notice they have one thing in common: fear.

You’re scared of failure, you’re scared of being hurt, and you’re scared of getting to really and truly know yourself.

You’re scared of giving yourself a chance to be happy the way you know you deserve it. And often, you’re scared of creating your own sustainable happiness – because it’s unknown to you and it may require you to change – which is even scarier than fear!

However, do you remember what we said about fear?

False Evidence Appearing Real.

So put fear to the side – what can you lose?

Give yourself a chance to grow and evolve over time. Try working on yourself, be open to trying new things and things you’ve never done before.

Give yourself a chance to be grateful for everything you have in your life – as gratitude is one sure way to be happy and content in life.

Give yourself a chance to be happy and by doing that, you’ll give others a chance to make you happy.

Taking responsibility for your own life and building your own happiness doesn’t mean you’ll always succeed in it – it doesn’t even mean you won’t sabotage yourself in the future.

It means you’re just brave enough to accept failure as part of success and keep going forward until you realize that happiness lies in the journey itself, and not in the destination ahead.

It’s your life! get to livin’.

Role and Responsibilities of a Health Coach!

Role and Responsibilities of a Health Coach!

Whether it’s a certified wellness specialist in Ohio or somewhere else, he or she may have certain responsibilities.

Wellness specialists educate and motivate their customers for physical fitness, including cardiovascular exercise – specifically for the heart and blood system. They train their clients for such physical exercises that may increase their flexibility. They work professionally at the high skills levels and you can easily approach them in a physical fitness center in your city.

Most of the physical rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, and medical offices also hire fitness professionals so that their patients can recover swiftly.

Responsibilities of a Professional Fitness Coach

Wellness instructors perform the following tasks:

  • Describe the various exercises and routines that need to be performed
  • Define the right method to their clients to perform exercise and also monitor their clients to check whether they are performing exercises in a right way or not
  • Suggest options during workouts for customers with varying levels of fitness and skills
  • Provide the advice for the right nutrition, weight control, and how to follow a healthier lifestyle

Health coaches work in a different way for their every client. They firstly understand their customers’ needs and then prepare a unique plan for them.

Common Characteristics of Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, and Specialists

  • A personal trainer may work in the gym or visit its client’s home. He or she can work with an individual client or a group.
  • With group fitness instructor, clients attend workout sessions with other persons that involve weight training, stretching, and exercise.
  • An expert instructor teaches popular conditioning methods such as Pilates. In such classes, they define the different moves and positions of the exercises. They check their customers’ moves and correct them at their mistake.
    mindset coach
  • All the aspects of the health training in a gym are maintained by health directors. They also handle other official works, such as setting up personal training sessions for clients. All wellness training equipment that is necessary also decided by them.
  • A health wellness coach is usually employed by the gyms, hospitals, and other healthcare centers. Most of the places require these trainers to have specific documentation and qualifications. It may be difficult to get a job as a health coach without accurate certification and a bachelor’s degree.

How Does a Personal Fitness Coach in Ohio Assist its Customers?

Usually, people feel difficult to do exercise and take balanced diet at the initial stage of their training. But under the guidance of the personal fitness coach in Ohio, they can a change a tough fitness plan to an easy one.

A professional coach keeps motivating his clients to opt for a healthy lifestyle. With a proficient coach, you can also share your personal concerns and worries. By listening to your worries they can help you mitigate to mitigate them. They understand your overall behavior so that they can reduce your all health issues and all anxieties, and fear that is affecting you.

What Can You Expect from a Personal Trainer?

What Can You Expect from a Personal Trainer?

Everyone wants a personal coach who can develop the physical as well as the mental wellness program for him or her. However, with ample of them already in the market, it has become somewhat hard to find the best trainer who can be a mindset coach and a motivational speaker, too.

Therefore, to find such a certified wellness specialist, let us consider the following guidelines in this regard first.

  • One Who Knows and Practice His Responsibilities
    Apart from developing a workout regime, a coach must be able to demonstrate various exercises. In fact, he must know the fitness level and skill of the client before instructing about the proper nutrition, maintaining the healthy lifestyle, and weight control.

    mindset coach in Ohio
    Besides this, if a trainer is monitoring the exercise techniques of an individual and corrects him there and then, for sure he is the dedicated and honest trainer.

  • Ditches the Chitchat By not being Stern

    For a personal coach, it is important to focus on his client’s fitness level. So, if he is more into gossiping then, it’s better to stay away from such trainer. Because even if a person tries to focus only on his fitness goal, the atmosphere around him won’t allow doing so.

    Mindset Coach, Personal Trainer

    Similarly, in case of a hard-nosed coach, a person may start hating himself or may get discouraged. So, always think before continuing with the same certified wellness specialist.

  • Punctual and Adhere to Stopwatch 

    Trainer showing up on time also let his fitness-aiming pupils follow the same schedule. Moreover, while following the workout regime, if the personal coach monitors the break of every 30-60 seconds in between, then this behavior of the coach would help a person in reaching the goal early than he thinks.

  • Help With More than Just Fitness 

    The main responsibility of any personal trainer is to help an individual reach the goal that he desires. However, this one feature doesn’t define a fitness trainer. For a good coach, he must also be able to motivate a person and more importantly, in making an individual love himself.

  • Help You Form Clean and Good Habits 

    For a healthy lifestyle, “personal hygiene” is what can help a lot in bringing the difference. Therefore, to break the bad habits in one’s mind, a personal trainer is necessary. Moreover, while working with him, one must notice that he argues with the unhygienic and bad habits in one’s head and encourages in all the possible ways to opt the good ones.

  • Knows when to Challenge You 

    Besides assisting with daily workout regime, the personal coach should be aware of one’s comfort and limits. In addition to it, he must be able to take an individual to all the way to a next level, by challenging the current abilities.

Thus, if a trainer is not just the certified wellness specialist but also the nutrition tutor and the motivational speaker, then it is wise to go with him and follow what he recommends.