I want to change the world

But I know I can’t do that alone, after all, I’m all about setting realistic goals that set my clients up for success. So, I focus on facilitating change in the lives of other people- specifically women. I do this by giving them the tools and motivation to live their best life… and they can do that by being the best version of themselves.


I work exclusively with women, because if anyone’s going to change the world, it’s going to be them. And doing so begins with empowering them to increase their personal value and break through their mental barriers.


An empowered woman has a powerful sense of self and knows her value and, therefore, makes better decisions. She also challenges others to do the same and instills that in her children. One mind, one body and one spirit at a time, the world will be a more loving place.

About Me: Out of the Trenches

I’m a mindset coach, personal trainer and motivational speaker who uses innovative coaching strategies and human connection to help women rediscover their love for life—and the love of their life: themselves. This has been my life’s work, and I can’t think of anything more important than this.


I love nothing more than helping women dig out of difficult situations. That’s because I’ve been in life’s trenches without the means to get out. I was born in life’s trenches to a teen mom who was in prison for prostitution and drugs. So I grew up in foster care—where I was abused emotionally, verbally, physically and sexually—until I was 9 years old, when a hand reached out to help me…the hand of the man who adopted me, my dad.


But this didn’t mean that I’d snap my fingers and life would suddenly be easy. As a result of moving from the ghetto into a high-income area in the suburbs, I experienced culture shock that resulted in me going deeper. By age 14, I was in and out of drug treatment facilities. By my 30’s, I was homeless, using cocaine and eating out of garbage cans.


But after a week-long cocaine binge, I had an epiphany: something needed to change drastically. I met a Buddhist sensei who convinced me that I was the problem—not my birth mother, not my biological father, certainly not my dad, not the wealthy kids who bullied me when I moved to the suburbs—and, therefore, needed to find the solution within. I was the problem, but I was also the solution.


So I began the most important journey of my life, my quest for personal development. It started when I realized that some negative situations resulted from negative behavior that stemmed from a negative mindset. I established this negative mindset as a coping mechanism for a trauma I faced as a child, not the same thing that I used to protect myself for all of those years that started to hold me back as an adult. It no longer had a place in my life.


I started the difficult process of reconstructing my mindset, over time, as I started to take responsibility for my behaviors and attitude. I began to truly believe that I had value and that I was created perfectly and with purpose.


My newfound positive mindset helped me start doing some positive things. I started exercising, eating healthy and dealing with my past and my feelings- and eventually, helping others. It was at this point when I could finally answer the calling that I felt since a young age to help others live their best life.

It’s your life, get to livin!