Eric Sean

Eric is a successful wellness specialist who uses his empathic loving ability combined with innovative coaching strategies to help people regain their love for life. Eric is a great personal trainer cum fitness coach. This is not all, he has many services to offer such as weight reduction, weight gain, motivation for life etc. He helps people reignite the spark of passion for living by promoting the courage to endure life’s challenges. He also helps people get in shape, gain confidence, make more money and get love back into their lives.

He is also an experienced Mindset Coach. He specializes in helping clients adjust their perspective regarding losing weight, accomplishing goals, and living a life full of passion. Together we can overcome the barriers that block success.

Overcoming Trauma

We are all special gems. We go through so much in life that we sometimes forget the beauty of our special abilities. When we experience a traumatic event , the emotional,spiritual and physical stress can be so overwhelming that we begin to shut down our love for self and others. Eric being a personal trainer understands how it feels, as he is also a wellness coach,  through a series of coaching sessions, helps you to rediscover what is important to you as a individual and your unique ability to share love and connect with others.

Polishing The Diamond

You are not broken. You simply need to reconnect with who and what you are. Eric Sean has a unique empathic ability to help you create a platform of rediscovery. Through his coaching and wellness you will be able to allow all your many facets to shine bright. If you understand the difference between a wellness coach and a gym coach, you are probably going to be healthier.

Wellness occurs when mind,body

and spirit exist in harmony.

My Experience

26 years in fitness
8 years in wellness coaching
508 happy clients
60 day wellness makeover plan


International sports science association (ISSA) certified personal trainer

Spencer institute Certified Wellness Coach

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