How to defeat your biggest competition-Yourself

How to defeat your biggest competition-Yourself

How to Defeat Your Biggest Competition – YOURSELF!

How many times have you wanted to do something good for yourself – a life change, for example – but kept postponing it for reasons even you couldn’t explain?

A new career move that will move you one step up on the career ladder; maybe put an end to a toxic relationship with your partner that doesn’t fulfil you or help you grow; start a new meal plan or introduce a lifestyle change to stay healthy; or really, any other simple step in the right direction for your life.

So here you are, feeling stuck, even though you know that’s the right thing – even though you know THAT is the thing you need at the precise moment.

Chances are, you are feeling so stuck right now, you might even start looking for someone – or something – to blame at this point. There’s always a new excuse coming up around the corner and there’s always someone else that you’d want to point the finger at.

I understand all of that – and I honestly know it sucks.

But now, I have both some good news and some bad news for you.

Do you want to know the bad news first? Okay – so no one is standing in your way except yourself.

Do you want to hear the good news next? Here it goes: no one is standing in your way except yourself!

In my experience, it has proven to me multiple times that WE are our own biggest competition. But also, we are the ones who have the power to change our lives!

See, our mind can be a twisted place sometimes. So twisted that it plays tricks on us – and the more life goes on, the more susceptible we are to believe everything our mind is telling us!

You believe it whenever it tells you that you’re not good enough – because your mind knows best, right? Your mind compares you to others and others are doing way better than yourself, right?

You let fear – and other negative emotions – be your guide in life.

You let your own mind remind you of past failures whenever you want to try something new – so you postpone it for a week, a month, a year until you’re smarter, stronger, better, and that never really happens in the end.

And somehow, you end up procrastinating on every single thing. You’ve kept comparing yourself to others for so long, that you feel like you lack the audacity to change anything in your life – ever!

But what I want you to know today is that if you let it, your mind can easily become your biggest friend & your most trusted ally, instead of your biggest competition and enemy as it is right now.

There are several ways you can do this and let’s go over them right now together so you can get a general idea.

  • Changing your inner self-dialogue is the first and most important step!

You can’t become friends with yourself if you’re constantly arguing with your inner voice, can you? Instead of feeling bad for the way you’re feeling, try and dig a bit deeper under the surface. See if you can find reasons as to why you’re feeling bad.

Most often, even acknowledging the fact that you don’t feel good and that not feeling good is sometimes okay can feel like some sort of a truce between YOU and YOU. That truce will give you the temporary peace and clarity of mind to look at things the way they are, not the way your mind wants to see them!

  • Meditating is something I cannot recommend to you enough – it’ll change the relationship you have with yourself!

Now, don’t expect wonders the first time you sit down to meditate. Instead of looking for ways to make your mind shut down, observe the thoughts that come and go in your head.

That way, you may be able to trace the emotions behind each thought – and see why your self-dialogue is often more negative rather than positive. Once you know what emotion, feeling, or past experience you’re “fighting” against, it’ll be easier to deal with it.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.

If you ask me, this is one of the biggest tricks our mind is playing on us and is often powered by the social networks. The illusion of others living their perfect, happy lives, while you’re drowning here in misery is enough to make you feel bad anywhere, at any time.

Before you start comparing yourself, remember that everyone has both good and bad days in life. And of course, you won’t get to see everyone’s bad days, especially not on a social network – chances are, even you don’t post the bad times on there!

Instead of obsessing why everyone is having a good time and you don’t, take the time to work on yourself. You can read a good book, meditate, maybe watch a comedy – or something inspirational – or find yourself a new hobby.

Don’t forget: winning over yourself is one of the most important battles you’ll ever fight in life.

It’s not an impossible one – quite the opposite! – and once you learn how to do it, you’ll become unstoppable on the way to your dreams.

It’s your life – get to livin’.

Feel like you could use some more guidance about the way you talk to yourself? If that’s so, check out some of my latest books over here and find that little push you might lack!

7 Reasons to Work Out with Personal Fitness Trainer ASAP!

7 Reasons to Work Out with Personal Fitness Trainer ASAP!

A little help can make things go better. It doesn’t matter how much you say “I love working out at home”, there are a few moments when you think “I wish somebody could just watch me working out so that I could know my flaws and mistakes.” Isn’t it? If you want to know why there is a need of the best professional fitness trainer in the town, reading these points will definitely help.

Let’s get started here:

  • They Keep an Eye on your Activities

If you workout solely, you won’t be able to find any loophole in your activities. In contrast, when you workout with an experienced coach he or she would observe you carefully and pick you the mistakes you are making. Besides, It would help you cover up your mistakes and make you exercise perfectly.

  • You will Learn New Things Daily

Even if you have a huge collection of workout machines that a normal gym has, it is vital to know about using these equipment, in depth. A certified corporate wellness specialist will introduce the basic and advanced uses of every equipment (from big to small) so that you can utilize them to achieve your fitness goal.

  • They could be your Mirror of Truth

No one can point out the mistakes that you make during workout session than a health professional. Whether or not, you are doing a particular exercise with the right equipment. Is your posture right? On which part of your body you need to work more? Only your personal coach answers all these questions, which might be your mirror of truth. So, go ahead and start your session with the best personal fitness trainer today!

  • They Push you out of your Comfort Zone

It’s human nature to wish for achieving everything without going out of the comfort bubble. The same thing happens when you work out alone. The professional will motivate you to just when you think you can’t go anymore further. So get out of the box and hire the professional now!

 professional fitness trainer

  • New Goals New Challenges

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, the professional will set some goals for you. Moreover, the professional will provide proper guiltiness to you in order to attain your goal. It will not just challenge your limits but also prepare for any fitness competition. Grab your gadget and contact such motivating professional fitness trainer of your area now!

  • They will Take Care of your Injuries or Illness

Working out with injuries and special cases is a sensible case. Trying any random exercise or machine might have consequences. When it comes to working with an injury, the specialist comes in the mind. The professional knows better which exercise is good for you and how can you avoid further risks.

Exercising becomes more fun and useful when done under the observation of professional fitness trainer, who will help you get closer to the perfect body goals.
So, go online and find such trainer for you, today!